Welcome message

Dear Colleagues and friends,

With great pleasure, we would like to announce the 9th International Seabuckthorn Association Conference ISA-2023, organized by Hippophae Hellas in collaboration with The Agronomic Departments of the University of Thessaly, hosting by International Seabuckthorn Association (ISA). The Conference will be held on May 22-25 at Grand Hotel Palace in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Seabuckthorn Conference is an event for experts, researchers, and stakeholders in the Seabuckthorn industry to come together and discuss the latest developments, innovations, and challenges in this field. According to historical data, Greece is the territory where the origin story of Hippophae came from. Combination of climate conditions and modern approaches in cultivation technologies leads to successful results in Seabuckthorn industry in Greece. Within last several years Seabuckthorn plantations in Greece rise up from mostly nothing to more than 200 hectares, providing both high productivity and unique palatability. The conference will cover a range of topics, including Seabuckthorn cultivation, processing, and product development, as well as its applications in food, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries.

Your participation will provide a valuable contribution to the discussions and will provide a great opportunity for you to network with other professionals in the industry.

The conference promises to be an exciting and informative event, and we would be honored to have you as a participant.

Kind Regards,

Eleftherios Doukas
CEO Hippophae Hellas S.A.